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About Nuoqi

Nuoqi is a renowned Chinese branded apparel enterprise which mainly offers “fast fashion” apparel and accessories products for men’s and women’s under the Nuoqi brand, the products include three main series in business apparel, casual apparel and fashionable apparel.

Nuoqi was granted for listing and trading of its ordinary shares (H shares) on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 1353.HK) on 9 January 2014. Thereafter, Nuoqi entered into a restructuring agreement with Hao Tian Investment (China) Company Limited, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Hao Tian Development Group Limited (0474.HK), on 22 July 2016, pursuant to which Hao Tian Development Group Limited (0474.HK) became the indirect substantial shareholder of Nuoqi.

Following its restructuring, Nuoqi strengthened the integration, collection and utilization of its resources in research and development, design, production, sourcing and marketing, and differentiated its products and services through optimizing and perfecting its supply chain management, establishing its ultra-high-speed supply chain, innovating and optimizing its operation and service models to create its competitive essential elements in “fast fashion”, optimize and form its core competitiveness through speeding up its corporate development. Nuoqi is committed to establishing a diversified and online-to-offline distribution channel and platform that integrated the display, experience, sale and after-sale services so as to achieve the high integration and interaction between traditional industries and internet as soon as possible.

Nuoqi intends to become a fashion-leading international conglomerate group with high optimization in supply chains, apparent comparative advantages, and stronger market competitiveness.