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Corporate Vision and Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Vision

  • Become one of leading apparel retail brands in China
  • While striving to provide consumers with fashionable products of higher quality with above money-worth pricing and heartfelt value-added services, develop the Company to become an international conglomerate group leading fashionable trends, possessing stronger market competitiveness in traditional industry and internet with production capability highly integrated, supply chain highly optimized and equipped with advanced business model, so as to create value for the society, investors, consumers and enterprises.

Corporate Social Responsibility

While exploring its development, the Company also endeavors to perform its corporate social responsibility with continuous efforts.

  • Strive to provide comfortable and fashionable products integrating essential elements such as aesthetics, cultural, functional, health and environmental-friendly, safety, and above money-worth as well as value-added services for consumers, so as to improve quality of lifefe
  • Strive to develop enterprise brand - national brand - Chinese brand - world brand
  • Strive to accelerate the innovation and optimization of facilitating the development of traditional apparel industry to promote industry transformation and upgrading
  • Strive to disseminate the scientific, healthy and fashionable apparel culture
  • Strive to utilize environmental protection and social resources scientifically and reasonably
  • Strive to provide conditions and environment for our staff to scale up the excellence and grow together with the Company