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Business Profile

Nuoqi is committed to providing fashionable products of higher and excellent quality with above money-worth pricing and heartfelt value-added services to mass consumers. In order to accelerate corporate transformation and upgrading as well as optimizing its operation and service model, Nuoqi repositioned its products, markets and brands by expanding its business from the original “fast fashion” men’s casual apparel to men’s and women’s “fast fashion” casual apparel which comprises three series in business apparel, casual apparel and fashionable apparel, reflecting the styles of “pleasant fashion”, “urban style” and “casual style”, and men’s and women’s fast fashion leisure business apparel and accessories. At the same time, a brand new Nuoqi product series with different values and different ends, ranging from middle-low end to middle-high end, will be formed to satisfy the needs of different consumer groups.

In constructing its marketing network, Nuoqi established a diversified and online-to-offline distribution channel and platform that integrated the display, experience, sale and after-sale service, striving to achieve a sales system featuring offline experience, sales and online display, highly-integrated and interactive sales.